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~ Our Annual Retreat in Seabeck, WA  ~ 

For decades bereaved parents have been crossing the wooden bridge into the serenity of Seabeck Conference Center in historic Seabeck, Washington, just an hour and a half drive from Seattle. The majestic Olympic Mountains rise to the west, scenic Hood Canal lies between you and the Olympics and the wooded hills sloping up from the beach set this place apart from being just another conference center. This peaceful place sets the tone for a healing weekend. One feels secluded and protected from the outside world while feeling the calm and comfort of being with other bereaved parents who understand. This is a safe, supportive place to do one’s grief work. We believe that other bereaved parents are the greatest resource and support for this most difficult journey we have to travel.

 Our retreat is just that...a retreat. We leave behind the busyness of our everyday lives and enter a relaxed and safe haven to work on our grief and bond with other bereaved parents. The retreat is a place where we share our thoughts, feelings, and precious memories of our children. The weekend includes workshops, sharing groups, a reflection room, burden basket, crafts, Children’s Memorial Garden and a candle lighting ceremony on Saturday night.

The retreat is low-key and there’s no pressure to attend every scheduled session. The weekend is yours to use however you need to take care of yourself. If there’s an activity and you’d rather take a nap or take a walk, do what YOU need to do.

Some people choose to not participate in sessions and yet do a lot of grief work because they have the opportunity to be in a safe and supportive setting that allows them the time and space to work on their grief away from the distractions of a busy daily life. It's a nurturing environment and you are with people who understand what you are going through.

Our TCF chapter works with WICS - Widowed Information and Consultation Services – to plan the retreat. We share the main speaker and workshops, but TCF and WICS have separate sharing groups, memorial ceremonies and housing.

Together, TCF and WICS provide a children's program for those who want to bring their children (ages 5-17). The children’s group has their own program with their own activities and ceremonies. All three groups share the dining room at meal time, but each group has designated tables, so each is with their own group. (For information about the Children’s Program, contact WICS at 206-241-5650.)

About 60 bereaved parents from Washington, Oregon and British Columbia attend our retreat. At Seabeck you will find bereaved parents with caring hearts who can relate to you and your grief. Please join us at our Seabeck Retreat this year!!


For info call 206-241-1139 or email:


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